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    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
    11:43 am
    To All The Morons On LJ...
    Silhouette is TAKEN. I DO post. I DO NOT make public posts, therefore YOU won't see them. If you'd bother to take your heads out of your asses and read my information, (you know the place you got my EMAIL address from?), you would see plainly stated that my posts are friend's only. You could also take a look at my calander, where you'll find links to posts you can't read. STOP Emailing me, asking me to delete my LJ so you can use the name. I've used Silhouette for years, and I'm not going to delete my LJ entries for ANYONE. Get your unorigional whining asses out of my hair, and think up something else. It's just a fucking LJ name. Figure it out. You could always go the route of all the other dumbasses and use some bastardized version of Silhouette. Oh yeah, they are probably all taken as well. Oh no, you'll actually have to use that bit of flesh between your ears. Go on, try it. You might be surprised at the outcome.

    WARNING: The next person to email me and request anything that might even be remotely related to this post will get the brunt of my bad side. I will make you regret being a lazy moron.

    Current Mood: predatory